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Is a pipeline company working near you?

Call your local municipality office and ask if they have recieved any work notices from the pipeline company. Most companies are required to submit a work notice to the local municipality 48 hours before any work commences.

  • Ensure pipeline company is following regulations and permits
  • Find out contractors involved and name companies
  • Go to site of work and record what they are doing
  • Post update to Facebook with a location for others to know about
  • Variety of direct action techniques


Visually provoking types of protests can be very useful. In event of confrontation, you may want to bring:

  • Cameras with internet access
  • Rechargeable batteries for cell phones
  • Glasses and saran-wrap for your eyes
  • Umbrellas, goggles, face masks for air filtration and identification
  • Water and food supplies
  • Source of heat, gloves
  • Megaphones
  • D-locks

On identifying work crews:

  • Typically work in pairs or groups of three
  • Have Go-Pros on helmets
  • Yellow notebooks

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